Routine Services

Dr. Pressly and Dr. Drake believe in the highest quality of care for all pets.

We feel that all canines, from puppies to geriatrics, should be vaccinated for DISTEMPER, LEPTOSPOROSIS, PARVO AND CORONA. All of these diseases can be potentially fatal to your pet.

We also recommend that all dogs be protected with a BORDETELLA vaccine. This is required every 6 months by most boarding facilities, but also important for dogs that get groomed, or visit dog parks. The vaccine aids in the protection against Bordetella bronchiseptica.

RABIES vaccinations are required by law. They are given as early as 12 weeks old and vaccinations are either given on a yearly or every 3 year basis. It is important to know that all dogs and cats, even those strictly indoors are required to have rabies vaccines.

LYME disease is a huge concern in the north, however it is traveling further down south ever year. We have diagnosed several cases over the last few years. Lyme disease is caused by ticks, but can be prevented with an annual vaccine. Having your dog on a tick prevention is also helpful.

HEARTWORM TEST- An annual heartworm test is performed, even while the pet is on prevention. This not only checks for heartworm disease but also confirms if there is presence of lyme disease, erlichia, and anaplasmosis (all tick borne diseases).

Due to the temperamental weather in the Charlotte region, it is best to keep your pet onHEARTWORM, FLEA AND TICK PREVENTION all 12 months of the year. All of the conditions are much easier to prevent than to ever have to treat. We offer a few options in house, but several options are available on our online pharmacy.

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