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** September 8, 2015

Our friends Jon Wilson and photojournalist Mike came back to visit us as we all get our pet's ready for the fall, and to talk with our rescue partners at the Humane Society of Charlotte and the Humane Society of Union County. We are attending several events in the area of the next few months trying to branch out into the community more!

** March 23, 2015 **National Puppy Day

Our buddy Jon Wilson came back for a visit. We talked about the importance of vaccinations, microchips while owners are on vacations. Heartworm and flea prevention are already a huge deal. Dr. Drake discussed acupuncture. We also had our friend Jorge from Humane Society of Charlotte here to discuss our partnership with them and the Safety Net Program!

**February 5, 2015

Check out Dr. Pressly. He attended this meeting in Indian Trail. As new members to the American Association to Feline Practitioners, we are always looking for new ways to assist in the community to help the feline population!

**December 19, 2014

Check out Dr. Drake in this article. Everyone here at Pressly Animal Hospital have strong feelings regarding the gas chamber and they are clearly expressed in this article!

**November 3, 2014

Wilson's World was back to talk about the cold weather and keeping your pets safe during the winter months.

**August 15, 2014

Jon Wilson from WCCB News Rising and Wilson's World came back to visit us. We talked about our brand and what it means to us as well as the work we do with the local and long distance rescue groups. Check out attached link.....

**March 6, 2014

A good samaritan saw this sweet bichon on the side of the road with rocks being thrown at her. He turned her over to Char-Meck Animal Control. Dr. Pressly took radiographs that revealed broken pelvis, and dislocated hips.

**November 15, 2013

A family pet that was hit by a car, was brought to us by a rescue volunteer. We administered life saving first aid for the pet and transferred her to an overnight emergency facility.

**November 14, 2013

National television news show America Now interviewed Dr. Pressly regarding animal abuse cases. They touched specifically on children abusing animals.

**September 16, 2013

Jon Wilson of News Rising's Wilson's World hung out at Pressly Animal Hospital and learned all about the benfits of Acupuncture and Laser Therapy.

**July 20, 2013

See Dr. Pressly give his opinion on the new law that allows rescue workers to rescue pets from hot vehicles.

**January 14, 2013

Dr. Pressly works with the Greater Charlotte SPCA on a case of animal cruelty and abuse.

**January 2, 2013

Dr. Pressly works with the Greater Charlotte SPCA on two cases of animal cruelty.

**February 26, 2012

Pressly Animal Hospital provides veterinary care to a veteran's new service dog.


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